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From the slums of Little Rock, Arkansas Joe Mula is on the rise to stardom. Joe Mula relocated to Dallas, Texas for new scenery. When he made the transition from Arkansas to Texas he started sharing his music and building relationships more through social media and he linked up with LP Music Group, an independent label based in New York. Previously known as "Futa", him and LP Music Group thought it was time to rebrand and that's where Joe Mula was born.  He reccently released his first EP under LP Music Group, "Detoured Routes" and will be releasing his next project late in November named, "From Me 2 U".  He recently released his first single from his upcoming mixtape called "It's OK".




There is music which rests, then there is music which reaches far beyond the corners of the soul. There is music which settles, then there is music which stirs the very being of the listener. It is this kind of music which creates a flock of inspired, spiritually awakened individuals. Jamaal Saunders is proud to shepherd such a flock of supporters, hence his artiste name Jay Shephard. He guides his flock with a staff of experiences that he portrays through his music. To spiritually motivate others and influence change within their lives are the driving forces behind that which is Jay Shephard Music.

To be able to “speak up for the less fortunate,” is the mission behind the message of the Bahamian-born artiste. Jay Shephard seeks to release strictly relatable sounds; there is a sound for everything that the singer goes through. He writes to inspire others. Jay Shephard’s musical journey started in 1994, he later approached the industry head-on with more professionalism in 2004. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Popular Music has helped him to master his craft and live out his passion. He uses music as a tool to transform the lives and livelihood of those in need of a way out, those asking for a miracle. “As a man think so shall it be,” is the overhanging philosophy which governs Jay Shephard’s entire musical mindset. It is such philosophy that he wishes to share with the entire world with his music being the vehicle of change.

Of his latest singles is “No Surrender” which is a feel good reggae-dancehall song. Also in the making is the EP called “Good Vibes Nation” which represents the movement behind his record label Good Vibes Nation Inc. Furthermore, there is “Gemini”, an album surrounding the theme of equal yet opposite forces. His style of music has been carved by the sounds of the greats such as Bone Thugs and Harmony and Bob Marley among other legendary artistes. When not in the studio, you will find the highly motivated and vibrant Jay Shephard spending time with his daughter. He founded the Jay Shephard Foundation in 2004 to provide less fortunate children with school supplies.

When it comes to roadblocks, daily stresses, and emotional turmoil, Jay Shephard molds his music to be medicine, to be a quick-healing antidote. From the deep roots of reggae to the high tempo beats of dancehall and even more so to the modern sounds of pop, Jay Shephard proves his style to be eclectic. He reaches people near and far, those in high and low places, people of all races. It’s clear that impact and empowerment are at the core of all that is Jay Shephard Music.





Champaign, Illinois native Klevah is a distinct woman in Hip-Hop known for her intricate storytelling and her ability to connect with her crowd. Klevah has released three full-length projects, GLDN the EP, GOLDEN, and The W8, accompanied by visual work and performance. She has opened up for artists such as XXYYXX, Lil Bibby, Big Sean, Tink and has performed at SXSW, Summer Camp and Pygmalion Music Festivals. She has also hosted Urbanite, sponsored by Red Bull, for two consecutive years and curates her own open mic in Champaign-Urbana.

She is currently in a Hip-Hop duo called Mother Nature with Westside native T.R.U.T.H. Their kinship began in the fall of 2011 at The University of Illinois, but the two did not become a group until the fall of 2015. Mother Nature mixes advanced lyricism, progressive social commentary, and masterful production with an abundance of love for all people who want to live a full, free, and creative life.Together they have been direct support for artist such as Run The Jewels, The Internet, and VInce Staples. They also conduct “The Miseducation of Hip-Hop” workshop for all ages through their soon to be Non-profit Mother Nature INC., around culture, self-care, and activism.





Wolf Williams ( DeShawn Music) was born and raised in Michigan City, IN right outside of Gary, IN home of the late great Michael Jackson. DeShawn and his natural musical gifts, and strong yet smooth baritone vocals are making a conscious effort to be among the greats. With the ability not only to capture an audience with his unique vocal sound, but he also plays piano and drums. With musical influences ranging from Sam Cooke, Temptations, Boyz II Men, to name a few, he has the diversity, direction, and drive to become what the industry's been missing.